The New Coop Cycle AlimenTerre!

Cycle AlimenTerre has undergone a lot of change in the last year. Max and Sam are no longer in Montreal and together we decided to not continue the backyard garden project. At the same time we officially incorporated as a worker cooperative, held our first general assembly and have a new member, Angie. Our business model has also changed, we are now producing Microgreens indoors and selling them to health food stores, restaurants and cafes. A new website is also on it’s way with a lot more details on everything mentioned above.

IMG_20170228_124757(1).jpgIt’s now been over 3 years since the pilot project and we are forever grateful for all the individual and collective contributions that helped us get where we are.

Despite all the changes, we are continuing strong! Angie, Mau and Tony continue to develop local partnerships, seek new customers, and grow tastier microgreens! Come visit us or buy our microgreens at Coop La Maison Verte in NDG.

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