Growing food for a community is no easy feat. It requires a plan (with a few plan b’s),  sufficient infrastructure including transport, irrigation, growing trellis’, storage and a market stall. But most importantly growing food requires constant attention and maintenance. The plants need affection just like us humans 🙂
Our success as an urban food production outfit can be ultimately attributed to the overwhelming support of local people who contributed their time, sweat and ideas since the beginning. THANK YOU !!
Hats off to our fellow farmers and food producers who work tirelessly throughout the seasons growing the delicious fruit and veggies that nourish all of us.

There are currently no volunteer opportunities available, unfortunately.
Since transitioning to producing micro-greens, we are still building capacity in our GROW ROOM to support volunteers.

In the meantime, please check out our neighbor the NDG Food Depot for other ways to contribute to our community. They have food programming down to an art, with a  community kitchen, drop-in meals, collective gardens, as well as others.

Off to market! June 24, 2016