Coop Cycle AlimenTerre produces and distributes healthy, fresh and hyper-local Microgreens.

Our focus is on providing quality, freshness, low-carbon impact, and fostering resilient community economies. All of our seeds and materials are organic and our distribution is done by bicycles.

We are a worker cooperative based in NDG. The business was born from a citizen-led urban agriculture project in 2014. We are constantly looking for creative ways of establishing local partnerships.


Coop Cycle AlimenTerre envisions to establish food sovereignty by empowering communities to create a just and decentralized food system that is local and oil free.


Once, NDG, and similarly Montreal was rich with farmland. Through urbanization there are less and less opportunities to grow our own food and we’ve lost an important relationship with food producers. Food at grocery stores has likely travelled many miles. There is a widespread lack of access to affordable, locally-grown quality produce as well as a dependency on an oil-based food system.

“Community is the conduit through which we can nurture social relationships and build economic resiliency. ” – Founders Mauricio and Max, 2017


Antonious, with a lovely tray of radish microgreens in the  grow room (Photo: Heather Waldron, 2017)



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Land Acknowledgement

    1. We acknowledge that our work takes place in the territory of the Kanien’keha:ka nation, the traditional stewards of this land. We pay our respect to Elders past, present and looking forward.